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Interogon is an Advising and Consulting firm skilled at designing new processes and auditing existing processes and documentation to assure robustness, efficiency and synergy with coordinated processes.

We have a comprehensive appreciation for the uses and limitations of reagents, assays, methods of production, and methods of establishing, measuring, and maintaining exceptional quality. We are skilled at designing new processes and auditing existing processes and documentation to assure robustness, efficiency, and synergy with coordinated processes.

Let us help you by allowing us to audit technologies you want to integrate into existing manufacturing processes. This will involve not only the new technology being considered but also the existing processes.

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Evaluation of New Technology

For manufacturers, we guide you to understand new technologies of interest, and counsel you on how they complement your existing processes. For investors we sort through hype and supply insight on the utility of technologies, competence of staff, and robustness of production processes.

Development of Processes

Each manufacturing environment is unique and requires adapting methods for new processes in a way that synergize with your existing systems. The way someone else carries out a process may not be the best way for you to carry out the process. We adapt processes according to your needs.

Development of Analytical Methods

Consistency happens by design, not by chance. A key component is insight provided by analytical readouts. Our years of industry experience combined with our innate analytical skills are central to guiding the design and develop analytical methods tosupply the feedback you need.

Characterization & Control of Processes

Robust processes are essential to long-term viability. We leverage expertise in manufacturing life science tools to guide you to the level of characterization and control needed to maintain fidelity to your processes as other aspects of your business evolve. 

Improvements to Production Processes

Technology is developing at a rapid rate, and you are wise to evaluate your production processes for improvements. We have the manufacturing experience to evaluate your processes and will advise you of improvements that will yield greater uniformity and/or greater efficiency.

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Starting up a facility to manufacture life science tools requires vetting and retaining technical personnel, evaluating and adopting technology with accompanying requirements for equipment and space, developing processes and analytical methods, and establishing characterization and controls of processes.

We have experience launching new lines of successful products that required all the above. We will put that experience to work for you.


About Us

We Believe: While true perfection is not achievable, excellence is. Excellence is the result of resolve to achieve the closest one can get to true perfection. We call this practical perfection ... E=rp2; Excellence = resolve * practical perfection – A play on Einstein’s E=mc2.

Insight from Outside

As we bring an outside perspective to the auditing of yesterday’s processes, we will generate many questions of “why” and challenge you to consider alternatives that may be better suited to today. Our approach is holistic, with each part of the pipeline evaluated as an essential component of the whole. 

While changing of processes needs to be done  purposefully, deliberately, and within the bounds of  the quality management system, it is common for  each of us, after some time in a given system, to fall prey to a mentality that no longer asks why.   As processes evolve and are handed off to later generations of staff, yesterday’s processes should be evaluated to determine how to make them better – such as more efficient and/or produce output of higher quality. 

Optimization of a manufacturing stage should not only increase the efficiency and/or quality of the output, but it should increase those same aspects of the process of which the stage is a part.

Interogon's founder has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of Life Science tools (antibodies and proteins). He started his industry career as a staff scientist and rose to Chief Scientific Officer (>7 years as CSO). He was the primary architect of a line of greater than 5000 products demonstrably best in class.

His accomplishments included designing the methods of manufacture of products geared toward discovery and translational research. Hands-on design of methods for high throughput manufacture of antibodies including selecting analytes, design, synthesis, and purification of peptides, preparation of peptides for use as antigens, affinity purification of antibodies, and validation of antibodies as fit for purpose.

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